Engine Code


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Engine Code

1998 Toyota 2.2 L Automatic.

I pulled up a code P0420. Catalyst system efficiency below threshold. When I bought the car a while back it had a sever miss. I corrected the miss by replacing the spark plugs and wires. Could the misfire have caused the CAT to go out or could it have burned out the O2 sensor that monitors the CAT? The car is equiped with two O2 sensors A/F sensor and heated O2 Senor with a three way convertor. The car is not giving me any signs that the convertor is clogged, it is running very good.
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The code is saying the cat is not doing anything. It sounds as though it was driven with the miss and unfortunately has ruined the cat. The rear sensor is reporting correctly. It sees the same pattern as the front sensor and therefore sets the 420 code
Its not that the cat is clogged.
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Thanks, Toyotaman11769.

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