1996 Ford Explorer


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1996 Ford Explorer

Left the lights on. Battery dead. Jump started, no problem. NOW, the keyless remotes nor the entry keypad work. Does anybody know how to re-porgram the keypad and the remotes?

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Hello: jag

If you are still with us after awaiting an answer for the past few days, try doing one or more of the below suggestions.

The lights being left on may have run the batterys current level low. Maybe to low to start the engine but not totally killing the battery.

The battery was likely to still have had enough current to run the tiny electronics circuits. Try totally removing the battery cables.

Wait several minutes than reconnect the battery terminals. Doing so may reset the electronics main computer board. Then restart the engine and shut it off. Retest the remote and the key pad.

Also remove the battery from the remote. Reinstall battery and retry the remote. Hopefully, one or the other or both will reset the electronics.

Check the radios preset selections. If they where still set as prior, total current from the battery was not lost. If the presets where totally lost, all power was lost.

All power loss would than indicate battery terminal removals not needed. Total power loss would have automatically reset the remotes and key pad.

The premise is battery replacement. If the battery had needed normal replacement, removal to install a new battery would not have or should not have caused the problem you indicated, had or are still having.

Use the reply button to update your question with the results, if not already determined and resolved. Sharing what you did or what worked to resolve the condition helps all readers to learn more.....

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...there is a Ford TSB directed at reprogramming...97-24-13.

get a copy for specific instructions pertaining to your Ford vehicle at your friendly local dealer. the instructions are too detailed to type here

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