How do I stop these wild screeching noises


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Angry How do I stop these wild screeching noises

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant LS AT. Since early in the winter, the car started making screechiing noises after a night of not being driven. I traced these noises to the belt pully system, and advice from this column suggested a silicone spray. Two can later, the noise is worse than ever and now occurs every time the car is started and moves a few hundred yards, every time the car slows down and is picking up speed, and there's a constant spinning noise when moving through traffic. Could someone please help me....the noise is unbearable now,and honestly, it causes folks to look up every time I pass by. I know there might be something I could spray on coz silicone is definately not working. Also, might that be an indication of a worn out belt, or poor tension maybe? I'm all ears. Thanks.
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Spraying something on a belt is only a temporary fix and usually comes back worse. Just replace the belt.
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not sure who told you...

that spraying a belt would eliminate a noise...but they were all wet *snort*

the only use for spraying a belt is to verify belt noise OR to determine which belt is the culprit. belt noises are almost always caused by wear, tension or alignment. of course, it depends on what style of belt (V-belt or serpentine) but that's another discussion. i agree with desi 100%...get new belts and be done with it
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I would opt for spending a few more bucks and replacing the tensioner and idler pulleys as well.
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Never ever spray anything on a belt.Now you need to get the stuff off the pulleys also.I don't know what will remove silicone spray but gunk may work.Belt dressing is the worst,if you don't get the silicone off the problem may repeat over and over.Checking tensioners wouldn't be a bad idea if your car uses the automatic type.
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How old is the belt? Even though it may look good, it could have stretched to the limit of tensioner travel. Belt replacement would cure the problem in this case.

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