Tire Repair and Security Systems Questions?

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Unhappy Tire Repair and Security Systems Questions?

I need help with this because I do not know much about tires. I have a flat tire for the third time in less than two months and it is never the same tire. I live in a so-so neighborhood in Chicago and believe that someone is deflating and/or purposely puncturing my tires. One was simply deflated at one point and two have been punctured, I believe. It is never the same tire.
My questions are: is there a way to patch car tires myself? and is there a product?
I would love to park in a garage put I only have a space in the back of my apartment building.
My other question pertains to security systems. Is adding a car alarm my only option for deterring whoever is doing this? Or is there another product I could use on or around my tires to stop whoever is doing this or scare them away?
If a car alarm is my only option, are there any brands/types you could recommend? Should I get a kind that is self-installed or have one installed? I am tight on money, but am willing to pay for this because it costs me $20 to have my tire patched every time these yahoos think it is funny. I also do not want an alarm that will go off during the day while I am at work and keep going off all day annoying the neighbors and draining my car battery.
Thanks any help would be appreciated.
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normally, the type of damage to a tire from vandals is to the sidewall, which cannot be repaired-or shouldn't. It weakens the sidewalls and increases the chance of a blowout which no one wants to deal with. Is there new construction in your neighborhood? Did you piss off the neighborhood kids?
If you set an alarm so sensitive to go off when someone touches your tire, it will go off when the wind blows and will be going off all the friggin time, which you don't want.
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No there is no new construction in my neighborhood.
We see kids in our neighborhood cut through the yard all the time and don't say anything for this very reason. We have lived in Chicago for years and have seen the types of retaliation people come up with. Whoever is doing it is doing it just because they feel like it.
I just wish I knew of what security system to use.
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Well, first of all, an alarm just won't work for a tire problem. The ONLY solution to that is a camera. Now, about your tires. Where are these things being punctured, in the tread area? What are they finding in the tire, if anything. You could be traveling through a construction area without realizing it. You can buy a plug kit to plug your tire yourself. although it's nowhere as good or safe as the inside patch. If you get one, make sure it's a commercial one and not one of those cheap things you see in the parts store that will break off when you try to use it. A good quality kit will run you $50-$75. I'd be thankful these things are repairable and not in the sidewall where you'd have to throw the tire away.

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