code 43 on 84 Pontiac


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code 43 on 84 Pontiac

Fianally got my heap running but now I'm showing a code 43. My haynes manual says HEI module is bad. Is it talking about the electronic spark control module? If so I JUST put a new one in! Also, had trouble seeing the timing mark when I set the timing. Could bad timing set a code 43? (if you havent seen my original post, its a 1984 Pontiac Parisienne, 305 chevy, 4bbl) Thanks in advance for any help.
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That's reporting a problem with the ESC circuit (electronic spark control). That's the system that advances and retards your timing. It involves the Ignition module, the knock sensor and the ECM. could be any one of those. I would first make sure your knock sensor is hooked up. Go back and check your work on changing that module. Make sure all wires are connected and to the right places.
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Thanks for your reply Desi. At the risk of sounding stupid (not unusual!) where is the knock sensor located? Its not listed in my Haynes manual.
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I can't remember specifically where that one is but it will be screwed into the block somewhere, probably on either side. It should be about 1 1/2" round with 1 wire connected in the center.
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Most likely the knock sensor is on the passanger side of the engine, in the block, down near the starter...Some GM's do put 2 knock sensors on them, 1 for each side...
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Did you clear the codes after reconnecting the 4-wire after setting the timing?

That almost always sets a code 43. Make sure it's properly connected and you clear the code by disconnecting the negative battery cable like I told you in the other post.

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a couple things... ign timing won't set a code 43

no...setting your timing by disconnecting the dist 4 wire connector will set a 42...not a 43

your haynes manual is doesn't mean the HEI module is bad

it MAY use a separate module called a ESC module OR the ESC function may be in the ECM and a knock sensor.

knock sensor is on the right (passenger side) lower block area...has one sensor and the sensor has one wire.

check the routing of that wire and also the spark plug wires...keep them away from each other...EMI can cause a code's a very sensitive circuit. also make sure the knock sensor wire doesn't lay on any solenoids (EGR)

for the record...the ESC only controls spark retard...not advance...that is controlled by the EST circuit in the ECM

you really need the code 43 trouble tree to accurately test the ESC system and determine which component is failing
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An update on my heap...running great now! All your suggestions were right on. After removing the neg battery were cleared! And I did a little rerouting of the knock sensor wire...dont know for sure if it was causing a problem but good preventitive. Thanks for all your help!

And when I feel really dumb about auto repairs I listen to the thread from the radio station to a girl about her car repairs...dont feel quite so bad!

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