tune up/check engine soon


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Question tune up/check engine soon

96 Voyager 3.0 116000 Burns a quart/3000 miles other than that, runs great.

I planned on a tuneup this spring and now check engine soon has turned on. Should I get tune up first then have codes read or vice/versa? Make any difference?
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Personal preference here - get the codes read first.

Reasoning: whatever component/system that set the code may be a higher priority fix than the tuneup.


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mike from nj
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that's good advice,

and as far as oil consumption goes, 3.0's start leaking as soon as you fix them. the valve cover gaskets are the worst offenders.

FYI, chrysler considers 1 quart in 1,000 miles the limit before they'll even address anything under warranty. less than that is considered normal. my daily driver 3.0L has 185,000 miles and leaks 1/2 quart between oil changes(3000 miles), i'm not putting another set of valve cover gaskets on it either.

on the other hand, if you see puffs of blue smoke from the tailpipe, after letting it idle for 15 minutes while fully warmed up, then revving the engine to about 3000-3500 rpm, then you will need fresh valve stem seals. labor intensive, but fixable. you would have much more consumption though with that. all i can say is just keep changing the oil regularly.

and let us know what code you come up with, and do you intend to try fixing this yourself.

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