how can i safely clean off engine


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how can i safely clean off engine

Well, I successfully got the valve cover gaskets replaced on my engine (1998 Chev. Lumina LTZ, 3800 engine, see prior post(s)), and I'm pretty sure that has taken care of my oil leak. What I would like to do is clean off as much of the engine as I can so that if there are any additional leaks in the future, I'll be able to see them much easier. However, I'm afraid of damaging something, obviously I can't just lift up the hood and start spraying...Is there a fast easy way remove the oil off the engine block that won't damage any components? Are there any special cleaners I can use?

Thanks for the advice,
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I wouldn't waste my time trying to do it myself. A while back, I stupidly added a quart of oil to my engine and forgot to replace the filler cap. After a short drive, there was oil everywhere! I took the truck to a local detail shop and had the engine cleaned up for less than $25.
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I have used Gunk foamy engine brite with good success.I do cover the coils with plastic.Then I spray away,do not do this on a hot engine as a fire may result.I don't know where you live but in some states it is not allowed without catching all the rinse water and removing the chemicals and oil through evaporation.
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Gunk is pretty good just be carefull with the water dont blast electrical connections alternators and things.I use a shower spray around those and blast the rest.You can do this also while you are cleaning get some baking soda and sprinkle it all around your battery box and see if you see fizz.wash it off along with the gunk.

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