99 grand prix gt cruise control


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99 grand prix gt cruise control

1999 Grand Prix GT cruise control

I was driving on the highway with my cruise control on then cruise shut off. Tried resetting it, that didnt work.

Took in to a GM dealer to have a diagnostic done.
They said its the "Cruise control brake release switch" That is located just above the brake switch for the brake lights.

I told that them that I would save myself that $50 for labor and do it myself. So they ordered the switch for me. I put it exactly as the old one was. Took the car for a ride, cruise dont work.

Called the GM dealer they say it must not be adjusted right.

Ok, there is are threads on it to adjust it, so i adjusted it one turn at a time for about 1 hour...Nothing.

Called the GM dealer back, they said you should have let us install it. They want me to bring my car back they so they can re-install it. But I know that the switch isnt the problem. There are about 20 turns on this thing, it doesnt take but 3-5 miniutes to pull the wiring un screw the switch and put the new one in. VERY SIMPLE. They want to charge me for 1.1 hours for labor.

What should I do? Is there a way to report this place? They are one of the largest dealers in the city, very well known place.

Also I would like suggestions on what the actual problem may be.

Thanks Jesse
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Try adjusting the switch this way.Depress the brake pedal push the cruise release and brake lamp switches forward all the way.Release the brake pedal slowly and pull it back till you don't hear it click anymore.It is now adjusted according to the GM service manual.Check the cruise fuse for being blown.If this doesn't correct the problem.You may need to have it checked for powertrain codes.Certain codes will inhibit cruise operation.The only way you could report them is to the BBB.This if the adjustment doesn't fix the problem.I would say adjust the switch and if it doesn't fix it I'm not paying.
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I adjusted it that way just now, and that didnt fix it. Also, checked the fuse and its not blown. I have an appointment with them on monday. I will update you then.

Oh, and if you have thought of anything else, let me know...I'm hopin' my foot dont get to heavy without realizing it, and end up with a 80 in a 55 mph ticket. I'm a person who drives with the cruise anywere the speed limit is 55 mph or more, and thats 90% of my driving.

Thanks for your time and advice,
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Re: 99 grand prix gt cruise control

Originally posted by JJKing
1999 Grand Prix GT cruise control

What should I do? Is there a way to report this place?
Report them for what? Quoting you a fair market price for doing the work?

Now, if you let them do the work and it doesn't fix it, that's another story.

Let's see. $50 to install and adjust the switch or $100+ to the chiropractor for your back "adjustment" after all your contortions trying to DIY or $2000 to the hair implant guy after you've pulled out all your hair?

Seriously though, some of these seemingly "simple" jobs are better left to the pros.


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Ok here is the update I promised.

Took my car in today, and this is what I told them to do. "Just fix it" very politely. Then I asked how much it would cost they said "Well you already put the switch in and all we have to do is adjust it, there will be no charge." So a few mins later the service manager comes back says that the switch was already adjusted correctly and that it should have worked. He said the tech hooked it up to a machine and it should be fine.

They sent me on my way. I got on the highway hit the cruise, and again it doesnt work. Called them up they said bring the car back.

Went back, they took it in right away and worked on it for 2 1/2 hours. Now they tell me that they cant figure it out, and they want me to bring it back in. So I have another appt. on wednesday. I will update you again then

Thanks Jesse

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