99 Grand Prix rear speakers not working


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David Fulford
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99 Grand Prix rear speakers not working

Stock radio/cassette player.

Any thougts? Do these cars have external amplifiers that might lose only the rear channel?

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Hopefully ,you started simply enough to make sure that your Fade setting was not all to the front , if you did then ...

Get access to the trunk and check your speaker wires for power at the speaker, I would probable just cut and splice

If you have no power to them, then they got cut off somewhere in that shiny vinyl interior and you'll have an easier time running all new wire as opposed to tracing them down and tearing out the interior along the way

Just the advice of a non master mechanic , lol
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looks to me...

...like it may use a separate low freq amp that could be the problem. it depends on which option stereo you have. (check the service options label, probably located in the trunk or call the dealer and give them your VIN to see which unit it has) the diagnostics vary for different stereos. i think you should have it checked out by a competent professional or obtain the service manual if you are technically minded and can follow a schematic but you'll HAVE to know what sound system you are dealing with.

ps...don't cut and splice any wires for testing and i doubt seriously that your original wiring got cut in some way unless your vehicle has been wrecked or suffered some other severe trauma...
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David Fulford
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It's not the fade.

I haven't really dug into it very deep. Just trying to leverage on others' experience before I take the dash apart.

I didn't realize there were so many options of stereo to watch out for. I'll get the skinny on that and start looking.

I just bought a Haynes but haven't had time to see how good the schematics are. Thanks for the input.


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