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Ford F-150

I have a 1990 Ford F-150 Lariat with a 5.0 A/T. I had oil leak and I took it to garage and got it fixed. When I got truck back, I turned on A/C the air is all coming out of defrost vents none out of the vents that the A/C supposed to come out of. I have not flipped it to A/C or used those vents in about 2 months, so I don't know if it could have been something knocked loose during the oil leak repair. the repair was the oild pan gasket and they had to jack engine up a little to take oil pan gaket out and repair it. Or if it could just happened all of sudden, no fault of garage. When I move the switch to max air, normal, floor or defrost it does not change anything all comes still comes out of defrost but if I move the switch to off, it goes off so the switch is working. Thanks for any help with this.
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most likely a vacuum issue...

...that could have been caused during the oil pan procedure...but there's no definitive way to prove it. you could go back the place you had it repaired and ask politely if they'd take a quick look at it and see...or you could try to track it down yourself. you might just look around under the hood and see if you spot a vacuum hose that isn't connected to anything. the thing is that they will know where to look right away and even if they didn't do it by accident...if it's just disconnected, probably would fix it for nothing. if it doesn't have an obvious problem...then diagnostic charge might be in order.
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as carguyinva said the most likely thing is a loose or disconnected vacuum line and they will prob take care of it for you free but if you start moving things around and any thing else happens they might be inclined to refuse

basicly no mechanic wants to touch anothers work esp. when it comes to a problem after a repair the person who did the work should get first crack at it if he finds nothing or does not want to look as a freebie then ask another person to look

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