chirping sound


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Angry chirping sound

95 Pontiac Firebird 6 cylinder 3.4L.

Decided I would try and save some money and do my own little tuneup. Changed the spark plugs but had serious trouble doing this. I was able to get 5 of the plugs out (Autolite) and exchange them with Bosch Platinum 2 plugs. I also had to replace one of the wires. Now the car runs but I have a chirping noise that I don't recall having before. Any ideas?
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is a sound that is usually associated with the serpentine belt. you can remove it and start the engine to see if that's the cause...just don't run the engine longer than a minute.

a matter of opinion...obviously you need to do that 6th plug and probably should have replaced all the wires (you don't mention mileage...over 80,000 and they should be done). also, i'm not a fan of Bosch plugs...i've seen SO many problems with me they are the same to spark plugs as fram oil filters are to oil filters...MHO. the other thing is that you should also replace your fuel and air filters and PCV valve...and make sure the crankcase vent system is working properly. and possibly clean the throttle body. alot more goes into a tune up than just plugs...

for my money...AC plugs DO work best in GM vehicles and autolites aren't too bad...again..JMHO

good luck

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