96 ford ranger AC


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96 ford ranger AC

I have a 2wd 5 spd XLT ranger and late last fall the AC stopped working. I did not worry to much about it then because it started turning cool and I was not using it. Now that it is warming up I very much want it to work again.
When I say it stopped working - I mean the fan is still blowing air but just not cool air. I can hear the compressor kick in. I don't have a lot of experience working on cars but am willing to if neccessary to save a little $$.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might look at first to fix it? Thanks.

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Problem could be anything. The end result is always the same, warm air. A diagnostic and leak check is usually under $30. Take it in and find out.
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What desi says.

You didn't mention the year of your truck, but if it uses R-12 freon there are specific laws regarding the recovery of this freon. Here in California, and I'm sure most other states, you can't service vehicle AC without first checking for leaks.

The only way to figure it out is to get a set of AC gauges on it and check operating pressures. It may also require a leak check using dye. AC systems just don't "lose" their charge. Usually there's a reason behind it such as a leak.

AC "performance" checks are relatively inexpensive because the garages figure they'll make their money on the repairs. Have it checked, then come back to us with the results and we'll point you in the right direction.



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