00 s-10 vibration


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00 s-10 vibration

I have a 2000 S-10 Chevy ZR2. It has an A/T and a 4.3 engine. At low speed, around 20-25mph, it has a vibration that not only can be heard, but can be felt in the seat of your pants. Any ideas what could be causing this vibration? It has @78,000 miles. The vibration is intermittant, it does not do it everytime, and only lasts for a few seconds.

Any ideas.
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Check your A/T mounts. I think it is a cross bar like thing, at least mine was when I had this problem.
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Only one car and problem per thread guys. You can't follow anything that goes in all directions. If you have a question about another car, just start a new thread.

Original S10 poster......
Does anything change when under acceleration or not? Have all the wheel inspected and balanced to eliminate that possibility. Request that the person doing the balance inspect the wheels closely for trueness while balancing.

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