Gas Tank Repair


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Gas Tank Repair

I have a plastic gas tank for a motor cycle what is the best way to patch or repair this. I've tried silicone and it does not stick.
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tank repirs

On metal tanks, depending on the size/location of the repair, I might have a recommendation. And only as as "temporary" measure.

Since this is a plastic tank, I'd suggest just replacing it if possible.

Combustible plastic + gasoline + spark = accident/tragedy waiting to happen.


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mike from nj
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i'd second the replacement option.

i sure wouldn't like 1.5 gallons of extremely flammable gasoline leaking between my legs as i ride. all it takes is a drip to hit the hot exhaust and you will lose all will to live. plus, without a fire extinguisher, stop, drop, and roll doesn't work. you will have a fire until all the gas is gone.

most street bikes have steel tanks, if this is an off road or a dual sport bike, you can find aftermarket (and larger capacity) tanks in a lot of magazines that specialize in 2 wheel things.

silicone never seals a gasoline leak, gas dissolves it. if you can find an epoxy to seal it, it will crack the first time the tank flexes(which is soon).

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