Thunderbird SC


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Thunderbird SC

my dad recently gave me a 1990 Thunderbird SC 5-speed and for about a week i was driving it fine, a couple days ago though i was driving in 4th and i upshifted to 5th at about 60 mph and smoke started to come out from under the shifter, this had never happened before, as i got to the mall and looked for a spot i noticed the car jerked in 2nd gear at about 15 mph, when i left the mall and went home i realized there had to be something wrong when my rpm's reached 3,000 in 1st before i could get it to 15 mph, and the rpm's in 2nd were about 4,000 before i could get it to 30 mph, the rpm's were almost twice as high as what they would have usually been before the smoke....what could u tell me?
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Hi welcome to the Forums,

It sounds like your clutch is wasted. Have just learned how to drive a manuel trans?
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Could be the rear main puked on the clutch.Where you at in Pa?
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i live in norristown, near philadelphia, and actually as i was writing this reply my car is sittin on the side of the road because i i could not get it in gear, when i was comin home from work the car was jumpy, as i was driving i upshifting seemed harder than usual, i could not get it to 5th so i pulled over, and when i tried to put it in 1st it would not go at all, the car was on and the engine was working, but the transmission seemed not to, even when in gear and the clutch released the car wouldnt shut off...i dont know what happened
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since i started drivin i have known in my head how to drive manual, but i just recently started to drive a manual tranmission on a regular basis
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larry guessed it.

now after you replace your clutch, rest your left foot on the floor after you shift. if you rest your foot on the clutch pedal, any bit at all, you will do this again. some cars have a dummy pedal to the left of the clutch pedal, for your foot to rest. if you don't have that pedal, your foot belongs resting on the floor (between shifts)

other than 'riding' the clutch(mentioned above), severe abuse of the car is the second leading cause of early clutch death. i can't think of anybody beating up on a t-bird SC (supercharged) though.

as a final test, see if you can stall the engine in 4th gear
yes(stalls)=a bad trans
no(doesn't stall)=a bad clutch.

let us know
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i did catch myself restin on the clutch alot, i didnt think just restin my foot would cause that much damage, the clutch was 14 years old too, i cant try the final "4th gear" test until tomorrow, the cars on the side of the road about a mile away

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