1977 Dodge Power Wagon


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1977 Dodge Power Wagon

1977, 318, D100, Automatic. Symptom: Started as an intermitant power when turning key on. At first the motor would fire off and run then if it died (cold weather) the next time you tried the key there was no power (no buzzer, no lights in the panel, and no cranking). Now I get nothing. I have checked the fuses, checked the battery for charge both ok.
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maybe a fuselink
its not like your regular fuses.check under the hood
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mike from nj
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the first thing i would do is check the battery terminals. how i would do that is to unbolt them, (remove negative first, reinstall negative LAST) and take an inexpensive battery terminal brush(a cheap and useful tool at any auto parts store), and clean the wire ends and the battery terminals down to the bare lead. push the terminals on until the top is flush with the top of the post and tighten it good.

now, when it starts, you know the terminals were the problem.

let us know if it helps.

ps. if you have this

<img src="http://img52.photobucket.com/albums/v158/therainman/pics1/battery_terminal.jpg">

a 'help' terminal repair end(the kinds that bolt directly to the wire ends), i would either clean those connections too, or replace the entire wire as a permanent repair. these things are for temporary repairs only(as you now know)

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