Driveshaft to differential bolts...HELP!


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Driveshaft to differential bolts...HELP!

I just put my new engine in yesterday, and I was trying to bolt the driveshaft up to the diff and i've run into a little problem...the bolts do NOT want to go in!...the turn in about a quarter of the way, and then it becomes so hard that I fear i'm gonna damage the threads...I was going to run a tap through the holes on the diff, but I don't even know what size it is?...It almost seems just a little to big to be a 1/2" hole, so I have no idea...Also, i tryed to run a 7/16" bolt through, (too small i know) and i was able to thread it in almost all the way, and then it stopped before it got all the way through, so it almost seems like there's something blocking the hole, but I can't see anything???

Can anyone shed some light on this???

Thanks in advance!
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You don't say what Make, model, year your working on but you could be deal with 12 or 14mm. Running that domestic bolt in there may have damaged the threads. The very FIRST THING you need to do is find out FOR SURE what thread size your dealing with.
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shoot ya sorry about that it slipped my mind completly...

it's a 1991 5.0 mustang, with a stock ford 8.8" rear end...

the bolts are starting to go in a little better now, i blasted the holes with WD40 and that seemed to get some dirt out, so we'll see how it goes from there...

thanks for your help!

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