Oil Leak Additives


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Oil Leak Additives

What are your opinions on the oil additives that are supposed to stop leaks? I have a relatively small leak, and am contemplating throwing a bottle of this stuff in before taking it to the mechanic. Do they work, are they safe to the engine?
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No, and no.
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[SIZE=3]I agree, I would not use them. Even if it is a “small leak” [/SIZE]
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NO again

Maybe if I was on the way to the car dealer.......
(to trade it in I mean)

All they do is make all the rubber swell. That's not very helpful.

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My opinion is if it can stop a leak it may cause problems with other engine parts or seals that are not damaged at this time.I would repair th leak or leave it as is,don't add stuff like that.
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not me

You wont catch me using that stuff nor any water leak junk.

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