98 Chevy Malibu


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98 Chevy Malibu

New problem... Just went out yesterday.

Power windows (all 4, none of the switches work), cruise control, RR Defog all out. Did not see these listed in the fuse box, maybe because I don't know all of the abbreviations. Checked the relay center under the hood and found RR Defog fuse (not burned) but none of the others. Everything else appears to be working. I know it must be one fuse or solenoid that controls all of it. Please help. Had the windows rolled down on a nice spring afternoon and now I can't get them rolled up!
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...it seems. can't think of any reason for those circuits to be related on the power side of things. most important is to get your windows up...the most common thing is for the power wire to the master switch to break in the conduit between the body and door (from opening and closing).

the power windows are supplied by a circuit breaker in the fuse box under the dash.

if you pop out the master switch, you can test for power at the switch and also for proper switch operation.

PW are tricky because the path of current flow is from the switch to the motor, back to the switch and then to ground. a schematic really helps to verify what's happening.

you might try opening the door and working the switch...sometimes you can find the "sweet spot" where the wires touch and things will work...long enough to get the windows up...and then plan for the correct diagnosis and repair
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Thanks for replying carguy...

I found the circuit breaker... duh, I finally realized there is another fusebox on the passenger side. I pulled it out and brought it to a couple of parts places and they don't have it. I am going to try the things you suggested. It is supposed to rain by Wednesday or Thursday, so hopefully I can get them up. It is really unusual that the other things went out at the same time. Well, again, thanks for the reply. Have a good one!
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Check for power at the fuse block with the breaker removed with the key on.If you have power remove the window switch from the drivers door.Plugged into the switch you should find a brown connector.Terminal C should be the battery feed(brown wire)check for power there a test light may be best.If you have power check terminal A for ground(black wire).If you have both it's more than likely the switch which I doubt.Let us know what you find and we will go from there.Btw terminal F is up for for the lf window and terminal B is down.
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Thanks davo,

I have a tester and will be trying this when I get home. Thanks for the input. Will let you know what I found (....or didn't find).

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