Rebuilding a Rochester


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Rebuilding a 4bbl Rochester

I posted a thread regarding no power. Most responses suggested rebuilding the carburetor. I purchased a kit and I think I will attempt it over the next few days. I have 2 questions, first what would a junk yard charge for a carburetor? Second, are there any helpful hints, tips or suggestions before I attempt this daunting task? Thanks!

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Prices vary widely from one part of the country to another, from "pick-a-part" places where you pull the part to places where "they" pull the part and charge accordingly. Heck, I've seen price differences from one end of town to the other!

2bbl or 4bbl? Neither is THAT difficult, but sometimes getting the settings correct on the "Quad" can be a "bit" tricky if you haven't done it before.

Good tip: take LOTS of digital photos before and during the process. That way you'll have references to look at.

If you use a "carb dip" style cleaner, don't let it soak too long or you'll damage the carb and parts. It's just soft pot metal. Rinse thoroughly with water and blow dry with air.

If you get the vehicle model & carb number for me, I may have some reference material here at home.


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Thanks Smogtek, it is a 4bbl on a 307 Buick Regal 1986
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Had to respond to this one! Just finished putting a kit in a rochester 4-bbl, remember Matt? (1984 Pontiac Parisienne). You guys give outstanding advice! My 4-bbl is working great! I'm definitely not an expert but I might add something from recent experience. Keep track of your parts! Lost the linkage to the secondaries...took me 3 days to run down another one!

And Matt, thanks for the response to my VECI question. It was exactly what I needed. Obviously you went to some effort to send the info!
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You're welcome!
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If that carb. has electrical wires running to the top front of it you may want to think twice about tackeling it unless you can get some specific advice.

Otherwise rochester 4 barrels are pretty easy if you are careful and take your time. They were prone to having the foam floats absorb fuel and sink causing it to run ritch. If the float is not light as a feather replace it. If in doubt compare it to a new one. Also the plugs at the bottom of the fuel well were famous for leaking. They make leak down pads for them or you can carefully clean & epoxy them.
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Good advice on the floats. I always just replaced 'em. Cheap enough.

You can epoxy the plugs with JB Weld. Worked well for me.

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I don't end to agree with a DIY doing this job. Most of the benefit in rebuild a carb usually lies in a good strong soaking solvent (not found in a home garage) getting into the small passages and getting everything real clean and subsequently using compressed air to clean the passages thoroughly. If these steps are skipped, most of the benefit of a rebuild is lost. The other part is resetting all the critical specs that may be incorrect now. Simply replacing all the gaskets doesn't do much to improve the performance. Forget where 1 part goes and you'll wish you never tackled that job.
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remember rich/lean stops...M/C solenoid dwell...what!?!?!?!...a dwell meter on a carb? that's properly set up a feed back carb, it takes more then just careful cleaning (desi is 100% right about compressed air being VERY important to the quality of the rebuild). ALL adjustments (both internal AND external) should be checked and in the order that they are listed as one will affect another. there's only one way to rebuild a it all!

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