Check engine light


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Check engine light

I have a 96 Ranger 4cyl. 5-speed 130K. The check engine light came on yesterday. Went to Autozone was told reading was P1443. That is Manufacturers emission control fault. They told me that their error manual didnt go that high of a number. I must get a diagnostic test at dealer. Also said it could be either oxygen sensor or EGR valve is faulty. My question is does one go bad before the other?? Oxygen or EGR. Should I replace one before the other or both at same time. I just hate going to a dealer. Thanx
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it's neither...

...the oxygen sensor nor the EGR valve. a P1443 relates to the EVAP (evaporative emissions system) system. specifically...the purge flow sensor is not sensing enough purge flow. This could be due to several things. you'll need a DVOM and the code chart to diagnose it yourself. you might try your local library or AllData for a cd just for your vehicle...25 bucks for that, i think. otherwise, it needs to go to someone for a correct diagnosis...but not necessarily the dealer...just someone with a scantool and expertise in engine controls. you might try asking prospective techs whether they are ASE certified...specifically L1...advanced engine performance. a tech with those credentials should have no problem with this one...good luck

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