Ford F-150 A/C not cooling HELP !!!


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Ford F-150 A/C not cooling HELP !!!

I have a 1990 Ford F-150 with a 5.0, the problem is the A/C is not cooling. When I turn on A/C the compressor was clicking on and off alot but not cooling, I was told to check freon it might be low. So I went to local auto store and bought a gauage and some freon. I put the gauage on the low side and it did not move said 0 psi, and the compressor was clicking on and off alot. I added right at a whole can and the compressor quit clicking on and off alot but the air did not get any cooler, still warm. I put gauage back on low side and it showed right at 35 psi, which by the instructions with gauge the range it should be in. But still warm air. The gauge also has colors green 0-25 psi (add freon),blue 25-45 psi(right amount of freon),yellow 45-65 (to much freon) and red 65-200 (caution must be checking high side). So I am not sure what to do, should I try to add more freon, maybe still not enough (could you add to much and damage system) or is there anything else I could try or it might be? This is a cheap gauge that you buy from local auto store for $15 not a garage gauge. Also the trucks a/c has been converted to the R134. Thanks Steve
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A/C diagnosis is just not as simple as that gauge would make it out to be. There are a million things that could be going on. The combination of the high and low pressure readings and the relationship to each other can tell a story but not something that can be explained here. Feel the large pipe coming from the firewall for temp. It should be very cold. If it is look at things like the heat staying on. Retrofitting an R12 system to R134 is nothing but a roll of the dice anyway. Some work and some don't. At the very least, it will eventually ruin your compressor. Take it into a reputable shop for diagnosis. That usually costs less than $30. The fact that is was low on freon to start with indicates a leak and usually a major repair.

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