'93 Subaru Legacy- trouble starting


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the huester
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'93 Subaru Legacy- trouble starting

I've had my manual '93 Subaru Legacy L wagon, with 101k miles, for over a year with no problems at all.
But it's recently been having trouble starting. Sometimes it will start up fine, as it always has, but sometimes it refuses to turn over at all. I've had to pop the clutch a couple of times. And now I've been noticing that it'll start faster than usual. Before it started having problems, it would chug a few times and then turn over. Like clockwork. Now, every once in a while, it will start up as soon as I turn the key.
But when it refuses to start, it seems that waiting 10 minutes or so helps, whereas just repeatedly turning the key does will do nothing.
Thanks in advance for any advice at all!
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sounds like...

...your battery is going south...how old is it? have you looked at the terminal connections? maybe they need to be removed and cleaned.

you could put a volt meter on it and tell us what the open circuit voltage is...the voltage of a fully charged battery is a little over 12.6 volts. there's probably wisdom in having the charging system checked as well.
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