97 Mistubishi Eclipse starting problems

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97 Mistubishi Eclipse starting problems

I have a '97 misubishi eclipse that is having problems starting. I have had it into the shop where my mechanic said the fuel pump had gone out of it. He replaced it, and a few months later it supposedly went out again. To make a long story short, this went on for a while back and forth to the shop with the same problem. The mechanic had me convinced that the fuel tank was the problem since pounding on the fuel tank got it running again...for a while.

Lately, I noticed that when it rains is when it won't start (turns over but doesn't fire) Could it be an ignition module, pick-up coil, wires, etc???

I haven't tried for spark yet (One plug out against the block) and am waiting for a sunny warm day to test my theory on the moisture.

Please post with any suggestions.
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I would be inclined to suspect a wiring problem involving the fuel pump since banging on the fuel tank brings some relief (your fuel pump is IN the fuel tank). Need to have it on a lift and running so the wiring and connections can be checked.

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I don't know why your suspecting spark. It sounds pretty clear the way your describing it. The fuel pump isn't running, you bang on the fuel tank and the pump starts running........What's spark got to to with that?
Was it ever confirmed that the pump wasn't running or are you just assuming that?
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The wiring has been checked

I should have explained the post a little better. The mechanic has checked the entire wiring harness for the pump and found no problems with it. No short was found in the harness or connections and he told me he used the electric "grease" (If thats what you call it) on all of the terminals. The pump had been replaced twice. Whether he tested the pump or just replaced it under warranty is beyond me. The pump that is currently in there has not been retested after initial installation. The last time it wouldn't start, banging on the tank did no good. The car was running fine and after it went through the carwash, the starting problems showed up again. I'm waiting for a warm, sunny day to see if it starts. This is why I suspect something in the ignition.
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If you have repeated fuel pump failures the wiring and terminals in the fuel pump circuit need to be checked very closely.Tension needs checked and look for a slight discoloration of the shiny plating on the terminals(very hard to see)it's called terminal fretting.I use eye loupes to check terminals when possible.I've caught some tricky ones that way.
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Thumbs up Warm Sunny day provided the relief

I just went out and started the car with no problems after the sun came out. Although the fuel pump was the diagnosis by the mechanic, I am inclined to believe a check of the ignition system will find the problem. Moisture seems to be the culprit and the fuel system has already been gone through several times and at first banging on the tank helped but now it doesn't. I will go that route for now.

Thanks for the info!

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