turbo 350 trans leak


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turbo 350 trans leak

Can anyone advise? I have a 74 El Camino, my prob is the front seal on my 350 turbo trans leaks. Is this and external seal that can be replaced relatively easy? Whats the easiest way to remove the seal?

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Sure, it can be replaced relatively easily, once you remove the transmission.
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350 turbo trans front seal leak

Yes, I figured that much Thanks. Is there a special tool, or do I just pry it out? Should I expect fluid to come out when seal is removed?
Thanks in advance for advise!
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you can pry it out...

...but in all honesty you should also look at the front bushing that supports the torque convertor...if it's worn, your new seal won't last very long.

as for fluid...drain it before you remove it

when installing the new seal, be very careful...smacking them in with a hammer requires a learned touch as you can easily distort or bend the new seal...it'll surely leak if that happens...the other common thing to happen is to knock the garter spring out when just using a hammer. there is a tool made for this task... a seal installer.
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350 turbo trans

Thank's for the info, Mr. Carguy. Don't be surprised if i hit you up for some more details. Good info thanks alot.

Regards: Steve

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