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Nissan 240sx, coolant in oil _


Old 04-25-04, 07:58 AM
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Nissan 240sx, coolant in oil _

Small hole appeared in the top plastic part of my radiator on mY Nissan 240 SX , Only God knows why they don't make the radiator out of 100% metal. But i guess these BIG engineering geniuses know all !!!!!!
Anyway, long story short my engine over heated, and changed the radiator, and dummy me should have checked the oil for any coolant before buying the new radiator but i didn't. Anyway, the car has 208,000 miles, and the head gasket blew about 100,000 miles ago, and just wondering if the coolant in the oil means a blown head gasket or some other internal crack in the housing. And yes there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust.. THE CAR IS TOAST, AND IT WILL R.I.P...... just curious if anybody thinks differently ~!!
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Old 04-25-04, 10:42 AM
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i think the head or head gasket blew again....i would junk it and go buy another vehicle
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Yes the head gasket and or head are bad.The hole in the radiator was most likely due to steam erosion from the coolnt being low.I don't like plastic rad tanks either.It is for weight saving I would think.
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PRECIATE IT !!!!!! guess i better start looking, and say good bye to the most reliable , dependable vehicle i ever owned !!!!
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