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Hello i hava a 82 caddy coupe devile my car ack as if it is running out of gas at a quarter of a tank when im driving im pushing on the accell and it start to loose accelleration and it will stall i start it again and it will go then cant pick up speed than stall again so i go to gas station and put gas in and no problem go well but every time i let the gauge get to a quarter it start that again a new fuel pump was put in any suggestions?
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Off hand I'd say you've got an inaccurate fuel gauge.

What's causing it is another story. Most likely a sending unit or the gauge (not likely).

At any rate, you need to keep the fuel tank at least half fuel to lube and cool the pump or you'll be replacing it again in no time.

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Check the quanity

Find out how much fuel your tank holds then figure out what the guage says and how much you put in see to see how much it is off,Example a 40 gallon tank reading 1/2 should take 20 gallon+- a gallon or two.
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Did this start happening after the fuel pump change? If so the sender was bent or installed incorrectly.

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