Question about coolant system


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Question about coolant system


I'm doing a project on the coolant system of my car and I need to figure out the pressure change or the head of the water pump of my 91 Corolla (1587cc 4A-FE). Any similar 4 cylinder engine pump value would do. I'd appreciate it greatly.

Thanks in advance
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I would love to help but have no idea what you are talking about.I don't know of any pressure measurement for a water pump.Could you explain what you are trying to do on the car exactly and why?
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its easier just to replace a 10 degree cooler thermostat
dont go to cold or your engine will burn rich and and wont
heat up to proper temp trying to run a car colder then normal is bad you can by performance thermostats that will be specific for your needs if you get a jet chip "performance chip"
then you can go cooler but never go past whats specified in manual or you will destroy your valves and other internal parts eventually
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It would take a crystal ball to figure out what you guys are talking about. I didn't read anything about temperature in the first post and if it's cooling system pressure your asking about, the water pump has nothing to do with that. That's determined by the cap.
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I'm trying to understand the question myself ... but after reading it a few times I think I'll take a stab at it.

In its simplest terms it seems you want to know just high of a column of water that 4 cylinder corolla pump can create. Is that correct?

I guess that's why you wanted to know the delta pressure across the pump.

Now this may sound very strange but, years ago in high school I built a fountain for my parents and I used a Chevy V8 water pump hooked up to a 1/2 HP 110v electric motor via a fan belt and some pulleys. The motor spun at 1750 RPM and with the pulley on the pump being the same dia., it spun at the same speed. I hooked it all up with heater hoses and I could get a head pressure at most to be about 15 feet or 6.50 PSI.

Now remember at variable speeds and horsepower you'll get different head pressures. I'm sure you'll also get different results using a Corolla water pump rather than a Camaro pump.

Is this the information you're looking for?

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Pump head (pressure) is commonly quoted in feet. Like one of the previous posters said, it's just the height of the water column that the pump will support. You can then convert that figure to psi, or kpa, or any other pressure measurement system. A centrifugal pump (like a auto water pump) will generate a different discharge head depending upon how much water is being pumped and/or what the pressure is on the discharge side. Centrifugal pumps are commonly spec'd at shut off head, or the pressure available at the discharge side of the pump when the water flow is completely blocked off. I can't imagine, though, why anyone would want to know such a fact on a pump used in a car cooling system. Guys who work around pumps all the time need to know such things and need to have some info on the pump characteristic curves as well, but I've never seen such specs on a automobile water pump.

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