transmission slipping


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transmission slipping

Have a 1980 chevy pickup, 3/4 ton, 350 eng., turbo 400 trans.
it will slip in 3rd gear when going uphill, it does it only on hot days and or in combination with weight carried in it.
when it slips, i let off the gas a bit to let it catch and re-engage, this only helps a tad, there wont usually be enough power to keep going, i shift it down into 2nd gear, it holds up fine there , never slips in 2nd (or first). trans oil level is fine,
oil and filter was changed 7 months ago. It only happens in warm weather conditions. My question is, is the whole thing shot or just something on the 3rd gear, and will it get worse fast or just gradually wear out more to the point of complete rebuild ? Is there anything to be adjusted to make it run better for now ?
Thanks for the input
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Since it appears to be temp related you probably are losing oil pressure or have a seal or seals leaking.Chances are it will need rebuilt and the longer you drive it the more chance you have of a sudden failure.If it's slipping it's getting mighty warm in there and a clutch is going to come apart.I suggest at least letting a trans shop test drive it and go from there.
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thanks for the advice davo, is there a reason why it would only slip in 3rd gear and not in any other? It runs fine, shifts fine , had no grainy (or worse ) contaminants in the oil or on the magnet last time i changed it.

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