91 chevy cavalier Z24 "need some help guys!"


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91 chevy cavalier Z24 "need some help guys!"

I've been having some problems with my cars running and idleing. Ihave replaced the MAP, IAC, O2 sensors and it has brand new plugs and wires. When all of these were replaced i decided to try and reset the computer so I unhooked the battery for about a half hour hoping this would reset it. While hooking it back up I accidentally jumped the two battery posts together with the wrench and needless to say it sparked a whole lot. Now the problem is when I restarted the car i droped it into drive(someone here told me that idleing in drive for ten minutes will reset the computer) and it ran good for about five minutes then everything went dead. The car just shut down and now sometimes when I turn the key to the on position a few things will light up but not all the time. She wont even attemp to turn over or anything. The battery is fully charged so I am lost. A few people I have talked to say it is possibly a fuseable link and if so does anyone know where i could find this and how to go about fixing it or replaceing it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Dave, Michigan
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The fusible links are down at the starter.If they are bad replace them with the same guage fusible link,available at any parts store.Remove the battery cables and se if they got burned during the mishap,you may need to replace them and the battery at this point.You may have also cooked the ignition switch.This should give you somewhere to get started fixing it.

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