Brakes Applied Vibration


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Brakes Applied Vibration

i have a 93 nissan sentra that keeps vibrating when i let off the gas and apply the brakes can this be sludge in the gas tank or is this a power problem that i need to have the fuel injectors cleaned out ?
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Smile Vibration

Most likely it is not a fuel problem. The most likely problem based on your description would be a warped disc brake rotor. Have you had any tire work or other wheel work done recently ?. If so probably what has happened is the tire guy installed the wheel with an impact wrench and overtorqued the brake rotor, resulting in a warped rotor. If this is the case you will have to either machine or replace the warped rotor and install new brake pads.
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It very well could be a warped rotor but I wouldn't jump to blame the impact gun. That type of rotor doesn't warp from over torque. It's usually overheating the rotors and hitting a cold puddle wouldn't help. If the vibration goes away if you let off the brake, then it likely is a rotor problem. Just replace them along with the pads. They're pretty inexpensive these days.

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