help laying down primer


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help laying down primer

hi everyone. 1st post. greetings and all that.

on the recommendation of a painter friend of mine, i'm using marhyde ultimate 2k primer/surfacer on my GTO project. (pix at my homepage link)

as a primer gun, i'm just using an el-cheapo sprayer from harbor freight. (my friend will be painting the car with proper equipment in his booth when the sanding's done)

my primer mixture is always properly (according to the manuf. reccomendation) and precisely measured. and i'm using solvent that is appropriate to the ambient temperature (i think my last batch was with ppg dt870 with temperatures in the mid 70s)

all that said, you may get the idea that i know wtf i'm doing. in honesty, i've usually been in an environment where other people could come to my rescue and adjust my spray for me before i shoot. now that i'm on my own i'm finding i cannot adjust the sprayer properly when weather conditions change.

can someone please help me with a basic starting point for setting up the sprayer, and a procedure for adjusting it to spray properly? what i'm looking for is something like: start 2 rotations out on the air and two rotations out on the media, then adjust this or that depending on whatever.

as it is right now i'm having a terrible time. either the primer lays down almost dry and has a texture like sandpaper when its dry, or i get it too wet and the stuff is sagging off the surface. i twist and twist on the adjustments, but no matter what i seem to do it just doesnt lay down properly.

my biggest frustration came when i recently 'painted' the wall with an entire hopper of primer and could not get it adjusted right.

any help would be much appreciated. thanks.
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The gun may not have the proper nozzle and needle for spraying the primer.I sold tools for a while and painters gave back spray guns that had a nozzle of 1.4 because they needed a 1.6.You may want to try thinning the paint a little more to see what happens.The instructions that come with the gun should tell you how to adjust it.If you are spraying high build primer you need a bigger nozzle I think.I am not a body man though so maybe someone who has the answers will come along.

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