Help With my 95 Ford!


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Help With my 95 Ford!

I have a 95 Ford Mustang (5.0 GT, manual) which has been a wonderful car up until a year ago...

I started to have problems with it starting, I would go out in the morning and it would take up to 10 minutes to start... now my loving self proclaimed gear head of a husband swore up and down it was the fuel pump... so we replaced it... Nope! Not the fuel pump...

Over the course of the year the problem has gotten worse... you put the key in, turn it and it starts pumping, like it's trying to start... but no luck!

I've taken it to numerous auto shops, including dealerships... and no one can tell me what the problem is!

I've replaced everything that anyone has recomended (BIG MISTAKE!)
  1. fuel pump
  2. fuel pressure regulator
  3. fuel injectors
  4. throttle body
  5. mass air meter
  6. Main computr (Jerks at the dealership!)

About six months ago the problem got considerably worse, guzzling gas, and not starting at all for days at a time. When the problem first started you could drive the car all day once it started (as though the fuel had settled wrong or something) but then you could drive the car, then turn it off and you'd have to let it sit for a few hours before you could start it again...

The last time I got the stupid thing to run it barely made it across town and used an entire tank of gas! (I don't live in a very big town either!) then it died, and has refused to start since the beginning of March.

Selling the car is not an option; no one will buy a car that doesn't run, and we just purchased our house and can't afford to buy another car! (Luckily our other car, a 95 Nissan Sentra, is running like a champ!)

Does anyone have ANY idea what htis may be or how we can fix it??
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This is a classic example of why sometimes trying to repair something yourself to save money will ultimately cost you more. You say the dealer couldn't figure it out. I find that hard to believe. It's probably more like you didn't give them the authority or time to do that. If that car was presented to a dealership, paid for a diagnostic and authorized repairs, this would be their problem now, not yours. Obviously, this needs to be tested when cold and not starting. Start with the basics and see what is missing
good spark at the plug
fuel pressure
injector pulse
You could have a valve timing issue but that would show up in a compression test.
Check for fuel pressure BEFORE attempting to crank it and watch how long it takes to get full pressure.
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Most if not all of the items you've listed could have been checked prior to replacement with either a decent scanner or other test equipment (fuel pressure gauge, multimeter, o-scope, etc). I could make half a dozen guesses, such as ignition module, ignition wires, or any number of things. Guzzling gas could indicate something such as a bad O2 sensor. What you NEED is a good garage with the proper test equipment and mechanics who will USE the PROPER EQUIPMENT. Side note for the dealership that sold you a computer: As soon as you realized that didn't fix it, you should have taken it back and insisted they rip it back out and refund your money. Sometimes you have to be a real PITA on this sort of problem so people realize you are not going to pay for parts that were replaced willy-nilly while stumbling around trying to locate a problem.

Fordman or one of the other pro's should be along with more specific advice.
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Looks like we're in agreement, desi!

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