Toyota Truck steering lock


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Unhappy Toyota Truck steering lock

Hi. I have a '94 Toy PU and lately it has been very hard to get out of the steering lock. Usually just wiggling the weel back and forth allows me to start, but now it seems to stay in lock for several minutes while I wrench the steering wheel left and right while turning so hard on the key I'm afraid it might break. When it finally does work, it doesn't seem like I'm doing anythign different- I haven't found the 'trick' to get it to work yet. I'm wondering what this could be and what I could do to fix it? Thanks.
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The trick is not get it in the lock position.

When you remove the key the lock pin is released to fall in a hole in the shaft to stop the wheel from turning.

People feel they must turn the wheel after the key is removed to "lock" the wheel. It is unnecessary to do that, it just causes people a hard time to unlock it.

If you are worried a thief will be able to move the wheel because you didn't "lock" it rest assured he won't. They would move the wheel about half a turn and it would lock.

Sometimes you will inadvertently lock the wheel by using the wheel as a "handle" to get out of the car.
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It seems to go into the 'lock' position the instant I take out the key. If I turn off the engine, and, without touching the steering wheel, try to turn it on again, it is already in the lock position. Then, if I move the wheel, I can hear it 'click,' like the usual steering lock sound. After that it takes a lot of patients to wait for the magic moment while moving the steering wheel around. Could the pin be bent to the point where it is hard for it to come out? If so, how could I go about replacing it?
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Did you try other keys, sounds like a lock cylinder problem and not the wheel locking pin.

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