smokin ram 50


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smokin ram 50

I have an 89 Dodoge Ram 50. Recently I changed the oil in it. I always had used havoline 10w-30 but the place I buy it only caries shell now. So I put shell 10w-30 in. However i screwed up and put a quart or a little more too much in. Eveyone told me it was alright but know as soon as my truck gets warm it smokes a little blue when you are just sitting there and you really punch the gas when its in nuetral or if you look very close you can see it when it is ideling. seems to do it just as the needle says its getting up to temp. This has been a great little truck and always burned a little oil but not much. Did i damage it severly, or is all the miles just catching up with it and its about to die. Someone told me it might be pushing it up the pcv valve into thew carb because know the oil level is almost down to max. Does this mean its ok or is it consuming a lot of oil. Should I use a thicker oil now that it is warming up? Thanks for any help.
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I don't think the extra qt. did anything to it. It sounds like a valve seal/guide problem. What engine ? how many miles?
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its a 2.6 with 216,000miles
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sounds like it is just getting worn out, overfilling about a quart could cause some leaks to develop but when the engine is burning oil it is usually due to internal wear and with that many miles if you wanted to repair it you would be looking at a complete engine rebuild or replacing the engine with a lower mileage one.

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