Astro Van Dies out when first Started


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Bob R
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Astro Van Dies out when first Started

I have a 1990 Chevy Astro Van. when I first start it in the moeing it will keep dieing out, I havr to keep my foot on the gas. Once I put it into drive it hesitates before it will go almost dying out. Once it is running when I step on the gas it hesitates before it will go. When I stop at a light it idels fine and does not die out. But when I step on the Gas I get the hesitation until it gets moving. I know nothing about cars, what is my problem,

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I'd say put a new fuel filter on. That should be located under the frame about halfway underneath. You should be able to change that with a regular screwdriver. Remove the air cleaner and spray the throttle body with carb cleaner to remove any black build-up. If that doesn't fix your problem I'd change the Throttle Position Sensor. You should pick up a repair manual from a local parts store for any further help with your problem and for any other problems that you may have. Dealers and many repair shops will really try to get over on unsuspecting customers.
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mike from nj
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well, i can name one car dealer who doesn't try to 'get over' on unsuspecting customers. in fact, it's a good day when the customer's sit in the waiting room all day and aren't sitting on my back watching me. also, i have no idea whether they are a nasa scientist or a ditch digger, they all get treated the same. our labor rate is slightly higher than other small shops or large chain stores, but it's far cheaper in the long run when it's fixed correctly the 'first' time.

bob r: what's the vehicle maintenance history like, how long since the hood's been open. the owner's manual has a pretty good maintenance schedule and if you follow that, you will avoid a lot of problems.

i have my own opinion about the cheap manuals (chiltons) on the parts store shelves, the one i used this weekend as i helped my neighbor with a timing belt was absolutly worthless. we needed to call a (honda) dealer to get the correct information. i guess i'm just spoiled, as the factory manuals are worth their price when it comes to headaches like this.

if you had a bad throttle position sensor, you'd most likely had a fault code and a check engine light. start with basic maintenance first and post back if you have the same problem.

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