Could it still be the Ignition module?


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Could it still be the Ignition module?

My wife drives a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.4L . A couple of weeks ago, she got in the car to start it and it wouldnt. ( Would turn over, but wouldnt fire.) Checked ALL the plugs for spark, and none of them were firing. Checked fuses, and they were ok. As this model car has 3 coil packs, I didnt think all 3 could go bad at once, so my only other thought was the ignition module. I removed the module and took it to Autozone, where it tested OK. I put it back on thinking I would have to have it towed to garage. Tried to start it for the heck of it, and it fired right up. I figured maybe one of the wire clips that plug into it might have been a little dirty or something, and left it at that. For the last 2 weeks it has started fine, but today when she got down the road it died, and again no spark to any of the plugs. Could it be possible that the ign.module was just starting to go bad before and finally quit, or could there be another culprit. What I find so odd was that all I did before was take it off, have it tested, put it back on, and it corrected the problem. Thanks for any help.
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Buy a little tool called a noid light. The next time it dies, use the noid light to test for injecter pulse. If you are losing injecter pulse also, then you could have a bad crank sensor. If your not losing injecter pulse, the the ignition module is likely. Connections and plugs are ALWAYS a possibility.

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