95 Ranger making noise


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Question 95 Ranger making noise

I have a 95 Ford Ranger, supercab, 4 cyl, 2WD, standard trans, 95,000 miles. It recently started making a noise that I can only describe as a wailing noise. It is fairly constant in decible level. This happens normally between 30 and 40 mph, but never slower. It does not matter if I am accellerating, decelerating, coasting, clutch in or out. I have tried different road surfaces and it is the same. I've checked my tires, no foreign objects there, inflation ok. It doesn't seem to matter if I turn the steering wheel from side to side. I found that my front driver side bearing seal (inner) was leaking a little of the grease out, so I went ahead and changed both bearings and seals on both front wheels. The bearing races in the rotors are still good. It is still making the same noise, no change at all. It is very hard to determine if it is comming from the front or back.

Could it be something with the clutch even though it does it with it ingaged and disingaged?

Could it be rear wheel bearings? My experience has been that they growl more than wail when they start to fail.

Any other suggestions? It is my only mode of transport right now, fortunately I only work a mile and a half from home, and speed limit is 25 the whole way. But I would like to fix it as soon as possible. DIY is the only option right now due to finances.

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It sounds to me like a wheel bearing as well. Raise the truck if you can and spin all of the wheels independently. If it is a wheel bearing you will be able to hear a distinct difference. Also check the play in the wheels top to bottom and front to back to see if there are any problems there.
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Well, I fixed it finally, so thought I'd post the final solution in case anyone else ever has a similar issue.

The Supercab rangers have a two piece drive shaft. There is an intermediate bearing in the center, and that is what the problem was. My daughter was in the back seat and told me the noise was comming from right under her feet, that was my clue. Anyway, I replaced the bearing and the U-joints and all is good. I couldn't believe how hard it was to turn the old bearing once I took it out.

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