How much Freon in F-150 ?


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How much Freon in F-150 ?

I would like to know how much freon you would put in a A/C system that is empty? The truck is a 1990 Ford F-150 with a 302 V-8, it has been change over to the 134. I bought one of the cheap gauges at local auto store and it showed correct amount, but compressor would not click on. I had my truck at local oil change shop, so why I was getting my oil changed I had them check freon, and when they did I was out there with them, The guy told me it was completely empty, he added about 6 oz and the compressor started clicking on and off. They can fill it up for $99 but said it could last days, weeks or years. I hate to pay that since it might only last days or weeks. I have the proper tool to fill it from the single cans and I can buy it for $4 a can. So the question is from completely empty how much would it hold ( 16 oz.cans).Because the gauge I got must not be accurate. Also is the A/C stop leak any good? They have have stopleak with freon at auto parts store.
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There should be a label under the hood with the R12 capacity, probably around 2 - 2.5 lbs. When replacing R12 with R134, you only charge 80% of original capacity. If you keep on recharging like that, you will eventually lose your compressor. The oil for lubrication is mixed with the freon. Running a system low starves the compressor for oil. The R134 will also damage the compressor eventually with higher pressures. The bottom line is if you don't have it fixed right by repairing the leak, your going to do a lot more damage.

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