2003 Toyota Highlander - ABS Pump Noise


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2003 Toyota Highlander - ABS Pump Noise

Ever since we purchased our 2003 Toyota Highlander we have experienced a weird noise whenever we start out. It feels like it is coming from under the front passenger floor. It sounds like a spring compressing. I took it to the Toyota garage and the car actually made the noise for the service person, he told me that this loud noise is the ABS pump resetting itself. Could this be? Would the ABS pump be located under the passengers feet? When I first got this car, it only made the noise once in a while, now it happens every time I turn the car on and take off. Any idea??????
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Most abs pumps go through a self test on initial drive off so I would think it's normal but Toyotaman will be along to answer the question for sure.
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Davo right on the $

Every time you start up and the vehicle starts to move the system reads wheel speed sensors and performs a self test to make sure system is functioning properly.

Part of the self test is to run the pump and thats what you hear. It is on the pass side under the hood.

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