ford f-150 transmission please help


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ford f-150 transmission please help

I have a question to anybody that would know. I have a 1980 Ford F150 and the problem is that the reverse idle gear fell out and now when you go into reverse its like its in neutral and it just spins. I went to a transmission shop and they said it would be about 350 dollars to fix and being 19 i ofcourse dont have that money. My question is could i do this myself or should i trust the professionals? It seems like an easy fix but i have never worked on transmissions before and i dont want to screw up anything but again all that happened was the reverse idle gear fell to the bottom of the transfer case (I think thats what there called) well anyways where all the gears are and i think its just a matter of taking off the transmission tipping it over and putting the gear back where it belongs. By the way the transmission is a 4 speed overdrive manuel. Any answers are really apprichiated.
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Something has to be worn or broken for that to happen so just putting it back on won't work.Call around for a used transmission and see if it woyld be cheaper.If you lived in Pa I would sell you a whole 1984 F150 4x4 for $300.

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