Brake Rotors 92 Ford Explorer 4WD


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Question Brake Rotors 92 Ford Explorer 4WD

I would like to know how to replace the rotors on my Explorer. Have never worked on a 4WD before and I don't want to learn the hard way. I know how to get the calipers off but don't know about the bearings,spline etc. behind the cover on the hub. Any help out there?
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I would strongly recommend a manual for this one with a full blow-up. You might be able to find the diagram at your local dealer. The basic set-up is this: hub-cover removed, there is a c-clip retaining ring at the end of the splined drive shaft. Behind that is an axle spacer, and then a PLASTIC cam assembly that just pops on to the bearing spindle. This is PLASTIC, has an ear on it that rides in the spindle slot, and has a compression spring on the back-side of it. Behind the cam are 2 PLASTIC thrust washers between the cam and the wheel bearing nut. Do not lose these. The bearing nut has a locking key that rides in the slot of the spindle shaft and locks into notches on the inside of the bearing nut. I normally use a curved pick to remove these, you have to work the nut back and forth a little with a large pair of channel-locks pliers to take any tension off of the key. Beyond that it's just 2 tapered wheel bearings. The bearings are the same size, but make sure to keep them in their original positions, and replace the grease seal. Reverse the procedure to re-install. Installing the cam assembly can be tricky. Make sure that the inside edge is flush against the spindle shaft with the ear lined up in the notch, and tap it very lightly with a soft mallet to pop it on the shaft. Get the diagram, it will make it much easier to follow, and good luck.
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Thanks for the advice. I will definately get the drawing. Hope the wish for luck works too.

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