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Question Honda Accord Gas Cap

I am trying to find the cause of the check engine light coming on in a 1999 Honda Accord. The code I am getting is P1457. I've checked everything that the service manual says to check, but haven't found the problem. The guys at the Honda dealership say that not having the gas cap on tight enough can cause the check engine light to come on, but were not able to tell me what code would be stored. Does anyone know what it is, and whether or not it has any relation to the problem I'm working on? I hope to get an answer before I go out and spend $70 on a Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor.

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Your $70 might be better spent at the dealer for diagnostic time to determine the correct diagnosis before you start throwing parts at it. You may just end up there anyway AFTER you've spent a bunch of money on unecessary parts.
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Well, The dealer wants $70 just to plug the car into his computer and tell me that it's code P1457 which I already know. That's why I'm into do-it-yourself.

I thought I had asked a reasonable question about the codes produced by a loose gas cap.

As to the FTP sensor, the service manual says to hook a voltmeter between A29 and C18 on the ECM/PCM. The voltage should read about 2.5 volts. Hook a vacuum pump to the FTP sensor and after a couple of gentle squeezes the voltage should drop to 1.5 volts. In my case the voltage starts at 3.5 volts and after a touch on the vacuum pump (like down to 2 inHG), the voltage drops to zero. However, I am not getting a code P0451, FTP sensor out of range.

I would welcome a comment from an experienced mechanic that might tell me whether or not this is normal. The Canister Purge Valve, Bypass Solenoid Valve, and Canister Vent Shut Valve, all check OK.

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To: Ray (rlsch)

Hi, I'm havening the exact same problem with the p1457 code. I replaced the bypas solenoid, 2 way valve, vent shut off valve, and charcoal canister. I tested all of those solenoids and valves but I still replaced all of them one by one to see which one of those was bad. AND NOTHING. I still get the dam code. So if yours is fixed can you share with me what you had to do to fix it.

Thanks, Dan
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