2000 Ford Taurus - odometer not spinning


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2000 Ford Taurus - odometer not spinning

I have a 2000 Ford Taurus. The odometer has stopped spinning as well as the trip odometer. The speedometer works fine. I do not see a cable on it. How does it work? Off the computer? What would cause the odometer to stop spinning? Every other gauge works fine. Thanks for any insight.
-- Colin
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engine info

sorry maybe I should have given this info too
3.0L v6 24 valve DOHC
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I would think you have a bad cluster but have the car checked for codes first and go from there.
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I think Davo has it right. Just to add a little, there is a vehicle speed sensor which sends electrical pulses The computer receives these pulses,then sends them to a circuit board in the instrument cluster. That feeds the speedometer and odometer. Sounds like the circuit is failing to feed the odometer or the odometer has gone bad. In either case, it calls for a replacement cluster - not cheap.
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If all else fails and your facing a big bill to rip out the dash to fix it, then if it was my cheap self..I would get one of those hub mounted milege indicators(so I know when to change the oil) and say repair completed..

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mike from nj
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even better than that, i would stick a screw in the tire, and count the clicks it makes and measure the tire size in inches, and multiply the two numbers. then convert it to miles.

better stock up on drywall screws.

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