antifreeze overflow


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antifreeze overflow

Have a 1997 plymouth voyager with a/c , 6cyl. 3.0l? engine. the wife came home and there was antifreeze leaking underneath. I opened the hood about an hour later and ran the engine but no leaks occured. I opened the radiator and it was full. It looks like it was coming out the overflow because the tank was half full. Any reason why it comes out here. Is there a problem. It doesn't seem like the engine is getting any hotter than normal.
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Could be the beginnings of a bad thermostat. I had that happen on my Jeep and a few weeks later the thermostat went. Pressure was building up in my overspill tank so fluid would leak from it until the thermostat opened and let it out.
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I've also seen water pumps act like this. It may only leak when it's running or after the engine has just been stopped.

Check to see if you can find a small hole on the water pump (weep hole) and notice if there are any water marks around it. I'm not sure about being able to see the weep hole on that particular engine, but sometimes a small mirror and a flashlight help to locate it.

Let us know what you find.

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