98 Subaru Imprezza Air Conditioner Trouble


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Red face 98 Subaru Imprezza Air Conditioner Trouble

When I bought my 98 Subaru Outback, I noticed fairly early on that the air conditioner did not seem to work properly. The dealer always said they could find no problem. Finally, 100,000 miles later, the condensor failed and I had it replaced, along with the dryer. Unfortunately, I'm still having the original problem: I get cooling for about 50 miles, but then it stops and the interior temps climb until it is cooler outside than inside. If I turn the AC off and wait a while (20 minutes or more) the AC will work again for a while when I turn it back on, then the problem repeats itself. Any suggestions as to what could be the problem? I just spent quite a bit for necessary repairs to the AC and it is frustrating, especially as warm weather is just arriving here in Northern New England. Thanks!
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The unit still has a problem and I'd take it right back to the guy that just did the repairs. It's his responsibility to realize these things. The system is either freezing up or there is a restriction in the system. Either way, he needs to find the problem he missed in his original diagnosis. It doesn't matter that the problem was always there, he should have realized that.

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