Mazda 626 1986 2.0L five speed turbo


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Mazda 626 1986 2.0L five speed turbo

Hi all, I'm new to car repairs, but I have to do some repairs on my vechicle because I'm in college and can't afford a mechanic, the car runs fine, but has some small problems I would like to have some advice fixing before I start.

First off my car grinds when I try to shift to reverse, so I either have to shift really slowly or what I ussaly do is turn the engine off and start in reverse with the clutch down, I think all I need is to replace the sychno to fix this. May have to take it to a transmission place for this.

Also when ng I turn I notice a cracking and popping sound coming from the front left side, I think this is a cv joint that needs replaced because I hit a pothole coming home one night.

Lastly, my breaks are starting to wear out, they will probally last a few more months but I wanted to ask If what I should be replacing is the break pads right? And they are the front brake pads right? The rear would be parking breaks?

I will be grateful for any help and advice given, Also I have already looked at the thread on buying parts, but if someone could give me an exact link to the parts I need It would be very helpful since I'm new at this.
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you have front and rear brakes that will need to be inspected or looked at to see which if not both, may need be replaced your front brakes are disc brakes which do have brake pads your rear brakes are likely drum brakes which would have brake shoes that function both in normal braking and when you apply the parking brake. you should also check your disc and drum thickness and replace if out of specs. and any other brake hardware that may be needing replace such as wheel cylinders on the rear if showing any sign of leakage, brake springs that are badly rusted are broken should be replaced and brake hoses that are showing any cracks.
sounds like you are likely correct with the other symptoms and components you mention if any of your cv boots are split then you do likely have a cv joint that is wornout causing the popping noise when turning.

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