trans problem? need advice...


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mike the canuck
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Talking trans problem? need advice...

I have a 93 ford Explorer xlt with a potential transmission problem...It started about 2 weeks ago and began as a very faint whirring noise when the truck was engaged in gear and accelerating... the noise slowly became worse and more noticable but seems to be a lot worse at higher speeds..I have a friend who has a friend that has been a mechanic for many years and he agreed to take the truck for a drive in hopes of making a diagnosis. The mechanic said it sounded like the trans but was unable to put his finger on it...
My question is in regards to this noise and what may be going wrong in the trans to cause it...( it has not been slipping and shifts fine)
Any ideas or sugesstions would be greatly appreciated...
Thanks to all who respond.
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suggest going to a shop and have checked out it may not even be transmission related, could be differential or even transfer case problem if its a four wheel drive. may need to be ran on a lift to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. have you checked fluid levels to ensure they are full
you said it makes noise on acceleration does it also make the noise on deceleration?
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mike the canuck
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Hey Bejay,
Thanks for the quick response...The truck seems to make the noise at a more high pitched and louder rate when accelerating but seems to be pretty constant...although the noise does dramatically lessen when slowing down....I should let you know that the spider gears in the differential where just replaced in hopes of correcting the noise but to no avail..The fluids are topped off as well...Hopefully the look at the trans will reveal somthing easy and cheap to fix....thanks for your response...
ps how could the transfer case be responsible for the noise?Somthing was mentioned about bearings in the trans may need replacing?
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I would suspect the differential but you wont know for sure until you take it to a shop and know for sure where the noise is coming. most automatic transmissions have some bushings that could be getting worn out but they usually dont make much noise as they are not a roller style bearing like you would find in your differential or transfer case which usually make alot of noise when one is going bad.
if your ring and pinion is not meshing correctly together they will whine and usually it will be most noticeable on either acceleration or deceleration one or the other.

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