1984 cad carb.


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Thumbs down 1984 cad carb.

hello I'm quite ignorant when it comes auto repair, but I'll try to make sense out of this question. I have a 1984 . el derado I'm having fuel problems.I opened the hood and while car was running I pulled on the accelarator rod
and revved it really really high before the rod reached the end point then I had someone inthe car and he he pushed on the gas pedal and there was quite a bit less power and the rod hit the end point and of course wouldn't
rev any higher. I'm wondering if this is normal? Also when passing another
car it losses power then when I slow to about 50 mph it slowly goes back to normal. If anyone reads this thanks for the patience, sorry I don't know the name of the parts. Any advice would be appreciated.

thanks alot
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what size engine?
has any work been performed to the car recently such as carb replacement or rebuild?
dont think the throttle linkage would be the problem if it is losing power it may be fuel related such as fuel pump or carb problem causing a lean condition.
could also be caused by a restricted exhaust system an exhaust shop should be able to perform a back pressure test on your exhaust system.
if you can get the engine to lose power just while reving the engine you can spray a little carb cleaner down the carb while it is bogging down if engine immediatly gains rpm you know it is for sure fuel related.

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