Where Can I Find........


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Where Can I Find........

Hello again everyone,
To cut right to the heart of it, I'm still having some problems with the AC on my Myrtle (88 Celica). Finally was able to figure out that there was a possibility that some of the Electrical parts of the AC system, (specifically the AC Amplifier and the AC System Amplifier) might have been replaced with the wrong ones. Not by me, but by the guy my ex had to work on it when we first got the car. He gave us some extra parts that he had left over too, go figure.
Now the million dollar question.
Can anyone tell me where I can get the original numbers of the correct parts that should be on the car ? Or does someone actually have these numbers and possibly could give them to me ?
Specifically, #1. I need the OEM part numbers for the AC Amplifiers. They look like something from the inside of a computer and I'm guessing they're called Printed Circuit Boards. **From what I have been able to find out, there are supposed to be two (2) AC Amplifiers on my "Auto Air". **
#2. I also need the OEM part number for the AC System Amplifier, only one of these on my system.
#3. In fact, it would be fantastic if I could find a place where I could get ALL of the correct OEM part numbers for the Electric parts for my car, the Printed Circuit Boards, and the Control Boxes !!!!!
Probably dreaming there !
But I definitely need the part numbers for the AC Amplifiers and the AC System Amplifier. I've looked and looked online, and I can find nothing that even comes close ! Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone. 4u2
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Have you tried the parts counter at the Toyota dealer?Toyotaman should be along with possibly other suggestions.
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Thanks for the help.
Yes, I've asked about this at the Toyota dealership around where I live, they don't seem to want to be bothered with getting me part numbers, much less just checking on the numbers, UNLESS I'm going to buy the parts from them. And the price they want for parts, for most any part, not just mine, are WAY more than I can afford.
Great, toyotaman always has good ideas !!
Thanks, I'll be waiting. 4u2
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Hey Everyone,
I wanted to touch base here. I know and understand how terribly busy everyone is. Just letting you all know I still need to find out this info on my parts. So, whenever you have a chance... Thanks so much, 4u2

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